Information comes from so many places: email, call logs, meeting notes, paper and an ever-increasing list of digital sources.

penWe make to do lists on our laptops, smartphones, post it notes, and the occasional napkin.

But it’s hard to keep track of it all.


That’s why we created TickTockTink

1-briefcase-150Imagine collecting all of those ‘to do lists’ and putting them in a trusted system designed to help you get from step A to step B with less time, effort, and repetitive steps.

2-gearImagine a system that can help you carefully manage mission-critical internal and external information, even when it needs to be and cross-referenced.

3-graphImagine a system that helps you manage contacts, schedule meetings, coordinate with a team, create agendas for complex sales meetings, organize and prioritize.


Imagine fewer lost opportunities.