About The Founder

Ken Lapolla Ken combined his passion for people, engineering, process, and organization, to create a specialized sales and management tool for the manufacturing industry – TickTockTink. TickTockTink is designed to solve the real-world challenges Ken and his colleagues face as sales engineers in the manufacturing industry. Ken started TickTockTink as a time management solution to collect the mass of information that was being communicated verbally and electronically and then added features to sort the critically important to create a manageable workflow. The result: improved workflow and increased focus that leads to better customer experiences, more repeat business, more sales, less headaches and a system that his colleagues pushed into existence. Ken started his career as a passionate electrical engineer and product designer working to take his newly developed toolbox of skills and apply them to develop microelectronics and firmware with a talented team. The mechanical engineers would make the shell of the machine, while Ken provided the electronic brain that brought it to life. This job was a unique introduction to a career in engineering since most of his peers went into careers that used little of their education while Ken got to work on the problems that electrical engineers dream of doing. An early challenge in Ken’s career began when he was asked to develop machinery that automates the tedious tasks of precisely cutting protective packaging or as you may know it, the ubiquitous workhorse of the packaging industry, bubble wrap. You may be thinking the challenge with bubble wrap involves popping as many bubbles as possible, but Ken and his team were challenged with developing machinery capable of quickly and accurately cutting a roll of bubble wrap to fit exact measurements.  This began the journey of learning, applying, redoing and refining the workflow. Ken’s next challenge was to utilize “off-the-shelf” or already developed electronic products to create custom industrial solutions.   This position helped him hone his workflow expertise in working under tight deadlines. Ken would work with customers to identify their needs and walk them through the process of developing the solution.  The combination of workflow and communication assisted the customer with planning and overall project experience leading to repeat business. Ken led his team to develop an efficient process to collect, develop, review, build, checkout, and ship these custom solutions. Not only did this result in the business being able to process more solutions with high quality, but Ken designed the workflow to be flexible, so that it could be refined over time. This enabled the business to go after new revenue streams  in “KaChunk”work, where customers need the same solution built over and over. Following these experiences, Ken relocated with his family to the Southeast U.S., and started developing turnkey capital solutions for food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Initially starting as an electrical engineer/systems designer/programmer, Ken grew his skills to lead a team of engineers, carefully blending their capabilities into the right mix of talent and experience. He was later promoted to a director role, where he was responsible for the profit and loss of the business.  The co-worker and customer relationships Ken developed in this role still exist, and it was this passion for people and technology that led Ken to seek a sales role. Even as an engineer, sales has always been part of Ken’s passion, but over the years he has honed his skills developing leads, closing sales, and managing technical projects. Ken is driven by his passion for family, people, and technology. He hopes to share that passion with the world through TickTockTink.