Reminders Keep You On Track

As you develop your plan, you can set reminders and assign tasks to yourself (and anyone else on your team).

As milestones and due dates arrive, TickTockTink keeps you on track by automatically sending out reminders as you approach milestones, meetings and delivery dates. Reminders may be sent to one or more responsible parties, making it easy to send reminders to yourself and/or anyone else on your team to make sure no one ever neglects to take care of an important task.

Communicate via text or email

Reminders can be sent via email or text message

emailSample email messages:

Subject: Task DUE

Dear Joe,

The task “Develop proposal with technical team” is due.  Please click here to update the status.



Subject: Task Complete

Dear Joe,

The task “Develop proposal with technical team” is complete.  Please click here to see the next step.




Close More Sales

Using TickTockTink will make you more professional, save you time by keeping you on track through the planning process, and help you earn your customer trust.

Close more sales

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